Mosaic Flower Installation at Sylmar Square

Orange Flower.jpg

Our Sylmar Square flowers are up! Rachel and her colleague Sophia Othman flew down to LA last week to install them and finish up the lizard sculpture. Just for fun, we are sharing the installation journey in pictures. 

Mosaic design by Rachel Rodi. 
Production assistance by Denise Hart, Jesse Medina, Melinda Gray and Sophia Othman.

Lizzie Sculpture Underway!

The whole team flew down to Los Angeles for a week to work on Lizzie - the pet name for our new sculpture relief fountain that will soon live at Sylmar Square Shopping Center. It was so, so hot! Mist bottle in hand, we cranked up the tunes, turned up the fan and persevered. A couple of us will be headed back in a few weeks to get the sculpture on the wall and fish her up! 

Sculpture design by Rachel Rodi and Carol Bevilacqua. Production Team: Rachel Rodi (lead), Denise Hart, Sophia Othman and Jesse Medina. 

Flower Power

We are working away on our fun glass mosaic flowers for Los Angeles's Sylmar Square Shopping Center. Here is the first of three. Loving them!

Meredith - Mermaid Installed!

We are so excited to have just installed Meredith - our special glass mosaic mermaid for the huge fireplace at Norfolk Premium Outlets in Virginia. Rachel flew in last week during the final leg of construction to put the mural up alongside 6 glass seat wall mosaics. The number of trades and types of construction happening all at once on-site to complete the mall were super impressive. We are proud to be a part of this huge project! 


Check out these progress pictures of a cool mosaic collaboration Rachel Rodi did with artists Joan Carson and Nancy Windesheim for Esmeralda Slide Park last fall. Many people who stumbled across the park couldn't find their way so Joan came up with the idea for 'The Locator'. We put our heads together to refine the design. Then Joan worked her butt off to make this project happen! Super happy to have joined forces with these two power houses. 

Mosaic production and installation by Rachel Rodi, with fantastic assistance by Carol Bevilacqua, Denise Hart, Sophia Othman, and Jesse Medina. 

Super Sneak Peak - Norfolk's Glass Mosaics

They are being trucked across the country as we speak, on their way to Virginia - Six long seat wall mosaics for the new Norfolk Premium Outlets. The designs tie into Norfolk's unique port and Naval history and tell the story of a beautiful, patriotic city by the Bay. We are flying out in a week to install them alongside the mermaid. Stay tuned for more!