Creating Our Mosaic Labyrinth - Beginnings


Here are the beginnings of our 36' pebble mosaic labyrinth for Hal Brown Park in Marin. This is our first official LithoMosaic installation, where the mosaic is installed directly into the concrete. Very exciting! The project is so enormous we ended up renting a special studio space from the gorgeous and brand new ArttHaus Studios in Oakland just for the mosaic production. A huge treat. Our materials are all flat cut pebbles for the pathway outlines and color body porcelain for the center circle - almost 400 sq ft in all. Installation pictures coming soon!

Ocean and Pier Murals Grand Reveal Celebration

Skechers Management Marine Mural.jpg

Check out these pics and a quick video of the great Skechers Ocean and Pier Murals reveal celebration that took place last month. A large group gathered on April 11 to see the curtains drawn and celebrate the Skechers Manhattan Beach flagship store re-opening after months of work remodeling the store and creating the murals.

The two mosaics took over 2000 hours to create from design to installation. An incredible team of 14 artists assisted Rachel with mosaic production who worked tirelessly to complete the murals. We are very proud to have created these mosaic murals for Skechers!
See more images and info on the Ocean Mural and the Pier Mural!


Skechers Ocean Mural Installation Adventure

In the spirit of catching up, wanted to share our installation adventures with the awesome Skechers store mosaic mural from last week. After shipping the 50+ mosaic sections down, the install team flew to Manhattan Beach and put up the mural without a hitch. Lots of love, blood, and sweat went into this mural (no tears). We are proud and excited to have it up. Grand opening and mural reveal pics coming soon! 

Install team: Rachel Rodi (lead), Carol Bevilacqua, Denise Hart, Sophia Othman and Jesse Medina, joined by Emily Juiliano and Molly Benson

Raining on Our Ocean Mural Layout Parade! Literally


Nope, rain will not stop us! The final stage before installation of our big ocean mural was to lay out all the sections and make sure they work together. The only place the whole mural fit all laid out was my parking lot. The only day to do it without rain was Monday. Here we go! Half way through (with water soluble glue) it started to rain. Ohhhhhhh nooo! The whole team swung into action. We covered the whole mural with contact paper as is, bought a canopy and somehow got all the sections back inside - miraculously intact. That is a stress I'd rather not re-live. Graciously, our landlady lent us an empty unit to finish up our work the next day. Thank you Vida!

Huge huge thanks to everyone who helped save the mural this day: Sophia Othman, Mark Tabler, Kim Payne, Siram, Natalie Borges, Denise Hart, Jesse Medina and Guy Fuerte. !!! Super grateful!

Skechers Pier Mosaic Installation Progress!

Rachel and long time colleague Carol Bevilacqua flew down to Manhattan Beach this week to install one of two new Skechers store mosaic murals. It is so exciting we finally got to put this one up! Check out photos of the process. Final grout pics coming soon.