Thankful For All The Talented Artists Who Assisted This Year


It was a crazy, busy year filled with huge projects and tight deadlines. Actually impossible to fulfill without good help. I am so, so thankful for all the stellar assistance I received from talented, hardworking artists that rose to the occasion from set up to install and clean up. It truly takes a team. This post is celebrating them.

You guys rock! Carol Bevilacqua, Denise Hart, Jesse Medina, Sophia Othman, Glynnis Kaye, Angelina Duckett, Kim Payne, Guy Fuerte, Siram, Emily Jiuliano, Molly Benson, Natalie Borges, Noboru Garcia, Mark Tabler, Adina Kaplan, Jenna Kurtz, Deborah Crooks, Hanna, David Shakiban and Kimba Dull.