Raining on Our Ocean Mural Layout Parade! Literally


Nope, rain will not stop us! The final stage before installation of our big ocean mural was to lay out all the sections and make sure they work together. The only place the whole mural fit all laid out was my parking lot. The only day to do it without rain was Monday. Here we go! Half way through (with water soluble glue) it started to rain. Ohhhhhhh nooo! The whole team swung into action. We covered the whole mural with contact paper as is, bought a canopy and somehow got all the sections back inside - miraculously intact. That is a stress I'd rather not re-live. Graciously, our landlady lent us an empty unit to finish up our work the next day. Thank you Vida!

Huge huge thanks to everyone who helped save the mural this day: Sophia Othman, Mark Tabler, Kim Payne, Siram, Natalie Borges, Denise Hart, Jesse Medina and Guy Fuerte. !!! Super grateful!