McLaren's Snake Wall On the Way!


We are working on a 400 square foot community mosaic wall that wraps around the pond at McLaren Park in SF. It honors the endangered and beautiful San Francisco garter snake that once thrived at the park. Check out the great progress we made last weekend! And there are two more weekends to go.
The face of the wall is in stained glass and the top will be in ceramic tile. Stay tuned for more to come. If you'd like to jump in and help make the mosaic, sign up via the Doodle Poll HERE. There is still a lot to do!
Project spearheaded and funded by Help McLaren Park.

Street Art of SF: Balmy Alley

Sometimes you have to just get out of the studio and onto the streets for a bit of fresh air and inspiration. Visiting Balmy Alley has been on my long list of things to do for quite a while. So this week I made the (very small) treck to the Mission District of San Francisco from the East Bay to take in the work of the talented muralists of Balmy Alley. My fascination with street art and outsider art continues to grow and the street art movement is building momentum every day. It is what drew me to mosaics in the first place. Inspiration can come from many things, and although mosaics hold a special place in my heart, I like to look to other sources to stir my imagination and fuel the creative spirit. This week the Mission District along 24th St and Balmy Alley did not disappoint. 

Here are some snapshots and a few links to keep you going too:
Balmy Alley website
Precita Eyes Muralists -  Offers a guided tour of Balmy Alley and other incredible mural resources
Street Art Utopia website
Street Art London website