Labyrinth LithoMoasic Installation In Action!

Our enormous mosaic labyrinth was installed at Hal Brown Park this May after months of hard work with the whole team in the studio. Check out the intricate and fast paced process of aligning the 60 huge mosaic sections directly into wet concrete. T.B Penick's stellar crew did a great job on the installation. We're very happy to have made this litho mosaic for Marin County Parks! And super grateful for everyone on the mosaic production team.  You can see the completed project HERE

New Mosaic Floor Inset with Smalti Pizzas

Who knew smalti was great for floors? We just finished creating a sleek, ribbon shaped mosaic floor inset for TB Penick's new Bay Area office. They're an innovative design/ build company that loves mosaics! Four vibrant red colors of smalti from DiMosiaco were used to play off red terrazzo floor accents in the office. We needed so much glass - over 70 lbs - it had to be shipped directly from Italy. TB Penick wanted large pieces of glass cut in random shapes so we started with whole pizzas (the whole slab of poured smalti glass) to create a fun, crazy paving pattern. It's a highlight right when you walk in - a bright red ribbon that leads straight to the conference room where all the construction planning magic happens. Follow the red brick road!