Heaven on Earth - Pueblo Park Community Mosaic Comes Together

Awesome communities are at it again - coming together to create mosaics for their neighborhoods and having fun while they are at it! Rachel Rodi designed and led this project in a sweet little park in San Rafael, CA, surrounded by 50's style houses and reed filled wetlands home to endangered animals, waterbirds, and prolific families of quail. Over 50 people helped create this 100 sq ft mosaic last weekend that is now a jewel of the neighborhood. It was a dreamy, relaxed time with great neighbors, children, dogs, food and fun! To me, this little corner of the world is truly heaven on earth. 

Parchester Park Getting a Makeover

Over 200 people came together on a drizzly day in October to rebuild Parchester Park from the ground up in Richmond, CA. They built all the play equipment, painted games on the pavement, planted trees and more. All in one day! As part of that project each volunteer made a clay tile that has become part of this mosaic mural. A true labor of love and commitment, the mural will be installed on the outside of the park's community center facing the new playground. The mosaic represents the community of Parchester neighborhood and Richmond, empowered and united together, radiating out and making a difference in the world; plus celebration, life, love, diversity and more. We are slated to install tomorrow but it is supposed to rain!

Mosaic designed and led by Rachel Rodi. Huge thanks to production assistants: Carol Bevilacqua, Mark Tabler, Jen ODonnell, Denise Hart and Guy Fuerte! Project spearheaded by the City of Richmond and The Trust for Public Land.