Making the Montego Bay Mosaic!


Check out the process of making our 175 square foot mosaic for Half Moon resort in Jamaica! We created 36 custom fish shaped tiles that swim through the pebble mosaic, leaving subtle swooshes behind them. The pebbles blend from deep ocean colors in the center to bright aqua greens around the perimeter, giving the illusion of a deep pool. We will be traveling to Jamaica in a few weeks for the installation and are super excited for a new mosaic adventure!

Designed by Guy Fuerte and Rachel Rodi. Mosaic production by Guy Fuerte, Rachel Rodi, Sophia Othman, Angelina Duckett, Carol Bevilacqua and Kim Payne.

Process of creating a mosaic dedication piece

We just completed a custom mosaic dedication piece made with hand made ceramic tiles, and wanted to share some of the steps it took to create it. This is a companion piece and dedication for the community mural we created at UCSF Medical Center last summer. It celebrates a beloved employee who recently retired. UCSF wanted the dedication to mirror the original mosaic in style, color and feel since it will be hung in a gathering place that looks out onto the pool and community mosaic. Here are the results!