Pebble Mosaics with Interplay Design

Occasionally I get the opportunity to work with Interplay Design, helping them with mosaics for their custom water play features or other installations. It is always a fun collaboration where I learn new techniques and get inspired by different materials or approaches than I typically use. Interplay's water features can range from very stylized, abstract designs to more natural forms. For the mosaic work on this installation I was instructed to 'be the stream'. Lay out the stones as naturally as possible while creating a smooth-ish surface for the water to be able to flow down. The pebbles were left unsealed to increase the discovery factor for children who will play with this. Wasn't it magical as a child seeing rocks come alive and sparkle with color when they got wet? Here is the work before grouting or installation on site. It left me intrigued with the subtle and soft tones and shapes of pebbles.