Making the Labyrinth Center

Labyrinth Community Day (3).jpg

A great group came together in early May to make the center of the LithoMosaic labyrinth we created for Hal Brown Park in Larkspur. About 30 people of all ages participated and were so quick we finished early. Everyone did such a great job! The full labyrinth was installed the next week and came together beautifully. Stay tuned for exciting install pictures on the way :-)  

Heaven on Earth - Pueblo Park Community Mosaic Comes Together

Awesome communities are at it again - coming together to create mosaics for their neighborhoods and having fun while they are at it! Rachel Rodi designed and led this project in a sweet little park in San Rafael, CA, surrounded by 50's style houses and reed filled wetlands home to endangered animals, waterbirds, and prolific families of quail. Over 50 people helped create this 100 sq ft mosaic last weekend that is now a jewel of the neighborhood. It was a dreamy, relaxed time with great neighbors, children, dogs, food and fun! To me, this little corner of the world is truly heaven on earth. 

McLaren's Snake Wall On the Way!


We are working on a 400 square foot community mosaic wall that wraps around the pond at McLaren Park in SF. It honors the endangered and beautiful San Francisco garter snake that once thrived at the park. Check out the great progress we made last weekend! And there are two more weekends to go.
The face of the wall is in stained glass and the top will be in ceramic tile. Stay tuned for more to come. If you'd like to jump in and help make the mosaic, sign up via the Doodle Poll HERE. There is still a lot to do!
Project spearheaded and funded by Help McLaren Park.

Parchester Park Getting a Makeover

Over 200 people came together on a drizzly day in October to rebuild Parchester Park from the ground up in Richmond, CA. They built all the play equipment, painted games on the pavement, planted trees and more. All in one day! As part of that project each volunteer made a clay tile that has become part of this mosaic mural. A true labor of love and commitment, the mural will be installed on the outside of the park's community center facing the new playground. The mosaic represents the community of Parchester neighborhood and Richmond, empowered and united together, radiating out and making a difference in the world; plus celebration, life, love, diversity and more. We are slated to install tomorrow but it is supposed to rain!

Mosaic designed and led by Rachel Rodi. Huge thanks to production assistants: Carol Bevilacqua, Mark Tabler, Jen ODonnell, Denise Hart and Guy Fuerte! Project spearheaded by the City of Richmond and The Trust for Public Land.   

CA Wildflower Mosaics Are Up and Awesome! A community project with Edna Brewer Middle School

We've been working hard with Edna Brewer Middle School students to create these fabulous 16 large native California wildflower mosaics for the courtyard of their school. Now the flowers are installed and we are all thrilled with the results! Over 300 students participated in making the mosaics. The project integrates lessons in science, art, ecology, sustainability, hands-on skill development, landscaping, and campus beautification. 

Last weekend was the big installation and parents, teachers, families and fellow mosaics artists came from all over to help. We seriously couldn't have done it without them! Now the dreary side of the courtyard sings with color and the students are asking for more!

Special thanks to Kathy DeRosas (project spearhead and organizer), Jeri Schnieder (teacher extraordinaire), Tracy Davis (mosaic artist volunteer), Kathy Law (mosaic artist volunteer), the PTSA and all the students and volunteers who helped make this project!

Mosaic Flowers Community Installation This Week!

Students at Edna Brewer Middle School did a super job creating 16 big flower mosaics! Over 300 students participated in the project, and we've been working with them over four days in the classroom to create the mosaics. It has been a whirlwind and a blast! Each panel depicts a California native wildflower and will be installed on walls of the school's inner courtyard this week.
Volunteers are invited to participate in the installation. If you would like to join us for a day or even an hour email Rachel here. The schedule is posted below. It's going to be great to get the mosaics up and see them on the wall! For more info on the project check out my last  blog post.  Hope to see you soon!

Nov 8  Friday - Install Sections   10:00a - 1:30p /  1:30p - 5:00p    
Nov 9  Saturday - Install Sections    10:00a - 1:30p /  1:30p - 5:00p   
Nov 10  Sunday - Grout    10:00a - 1:30p /  1:30p - 5:00p