Thankful For All The Talented Artists Who Assisted This Year


It was a crazy, busy year filled with huge projects and tight deadlines. Actually impossible to fulfill without good help. I am so, so thankful for all the stellar assistance I received from talented, hardworking artists that rose to the occasion from set up to install and clean up. It truly takes a team. This post is celebrating them.

You guys rock! Carol Bevilacqua, Denise Hart, Jesse Medina, Sophia Othman, Glynnis Kaye, Angelina Duckett, Kim Payne, Guy Fuerte, Siram, Emily Jiuliano, Molly Benson, Natalie Borges, Noboru Garcia, Mark Tabler, Adina Kaplan, Jenna Kurtz, Deborah Crooks, Hanna, David Shakiban and Kimba Dull.

Mosaic for Hotel Peter & Paul


Our 20” copper and porcelain mosaic is headed to Hotel Peter & Paul in New Orleans this week, where the mosaic will be imbeded in the pavement at an entryway to the new hotel. We used 1” Cinca porcelain from Portugal cut into quarters, for a classic, Grecian/ Roman mosaic setting style. So the focus was on precision and pattern. Much thanks to Chambers Art and Design for their beautiful metal work making the cropper cross for us!

Making the Montego Bay Mosaic!


Check out the process of making our 175 square foot mosaic for Half Moon resort in Jamaica! We created 36 custom fish shaped tiles that swim through the pebble mosaic, leaving subtle swooshes behind them. The pebbles blend from deep ocean colors in the center to bright aqua greens around the perimeter, giving the illusion of a deep pool. We will be traveling to Jamaica in a few weeks for the installation and are super excited for a new mosaic adventure!

Designed by Guy Fuerte and Rachel Rodi. Mosaic production by Guy Fuerte, Rachel Rodi, Sophia Othman, Angelina Duckett, Carol Bevilacqua and Kim Payne.

Heidi's Glass Mosaic Niche


Small mosaics are delightful too. I just finished a glass niche mosaic inset for a beautiful home in Oakland. The design centered around the client's signature swoosh, a subconscious doodle she sketches all the time, with Moroccan inspired patterns floating in the near background. This was fun to create in Heidi's subdued grays, creams and whites, a big departure from my typically color saturated infusions. :-)
Dimensions: 18" wide x 15" high