Rachel Rodi is now offering LithoMosaics, an innovative, patented technique that merges structural, architectural concrete with mosaics, and vastly opens possibilities for large scale installations. With LithoMosaics mosaic sections are set directly into freshly poured concrete as an integral part of the pour. This process provides the speed and efficiency of concrete, and allows mosaic artwork to flow effortlessly over expansive areas on horizontal and vertical surfaces. No longer is there need to create insets in concrete to fit the mosaic into, or limit a mosaic design to confined areas in concrete. LithoMosaics can be used in a wide range of applications, including plazas, amphitheaters, transit platforms, walls, walkways, and even streets. Rachel Rodi is working with TB Penick, an international, award winning company specializing in decorative concrete systems, for project installation, and is proud to have joined the family of LithoMosaic artists showcased below.

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