Heidi's Glass Mosaic Niche


Small mosaics are delightful too. I just finished a glass niche mosaic inset for a beautiful home in Oakland. The design centered around the client's signature swoosh, a subconscious doodle she sketches all the time, with Moroccan inspired patterns floating in the near background. This was fun to create in Heidi's subdued grays, creams and whites, a big departure from my typically color saturated infusions. :-)
Dimensions: 18" wide x 15" high

Mosaic On The Way - Get A Sneak Peak!

This one's all about New Orleans. Brass bands, beads, feathers, wrought iron and seafood are a few of the NOLA inspirations for this kitchen backsplash and (soon to come) flowy island bar top. It is all in glass - iridescent and swirly. We decided to interpret the inspirations into modern, abstracted designs that stand the test of time and trends (hopefully!). Although this is going into an Oakland kitchen, we are tuning into the Louisiana spirit. I was born and raised in Louisiana and come from 8 (!) La. generations that originated in New Orleans - so am Super happy to call on my roots in the Big Easy!! Who Dat!

Flowers and Fruits

Our mosaic insets were just installed we wanted to share them! The designs depict flowers, fruits and vegetables from the client's garden and are created to-scale of the actual objects. So they appear to be bowls filled with displays of things picked that day. The inset brickwork was created 17 years ago and the clients have been waiting that long to fill them with mosaics! I must say this is the most idyllic and beautiful installation site I have worked on. The garden was simply stunning and felt like it was loved - cared for yet relaxed and enjoyed. The weather a steady mid 70's, and the clients were wonderfully kind, gracious and even offered me lunch. Life just keeps getting better and better. 

Production assistance by Randi Casenza, Elizabeth Grindon and Carol Bevilacqua.